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If you need a Fast Short Term Commercial Bridge Loan we are here to assist. We offer short term Commercial Bridge Loans for all Commercial Types through our Large Network of Commercial Bridge Lenders.

Typical Bridge Loans are flexible loan arrangement intended to provide short term financing until an exit strategy, like a refinance or sale, can be finalized or borrowers who need a short term loan due to a loan which is coming due. Bridge loans act as interim funding, facilitating the purchase of Residential or Commercial real estate, but not acting as permanent financing.

A Bridge Loan can also be use for financing to purchase a property that’s in need of significant renovations or upgrades. Bridge Loans also can be used by borrowers not yet able to qualify for permanent financing due to property cash flow, borrowers income, etc.

Abandoned Commercial Building

Qualifications for Bridge Loans are usually low documentation, no tax returns, stated income. Bridge Loans are based more on the asset of the property, not the borrower. Bridge Loans also available for Foreign Nationals.

Typical Terms on Bridge Loans are 1 to 2 years, LTV’s on Bridge Loans are 65% to 75% for most property types, rates vary from 7% to 12%. We have Extension Experience in Commercial Bridge Loans and have been able to fund some of the tougher deals out there, hence our name Niche-Loans. Contact us today with your Bridge Loan Scenario.

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Our exceptional reputation as a Hard Money / Private Money Broker has been built on our capability to provide quick financing solutions for borrowers. Having an experience of years in commercial loans, we are able to process your loan application quickly.

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