10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage vs 5 Year Fixed Rate

Are You Comparing a 10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage vs 5 Year Fixed Rate?

leohoho-QL7KdXdcfWA-unsplashCommercial Loan Interest rates today are still at Historical All-Time Lows today. But, overtime rates will eventually go higher. So it is important as a Commercial Property Owner or Future Commercial Property Owner today to select the right loan terms going forward.
Most Commercial Loans are 15 Year Terms, 5 Year Fixed Rates which reset to a Market Rate which could be based on Prime, WSJ, etc. every 5 Years on a 25 to 30 Year Amortization. Also, 10 Year Fixed Loans are available.
With the strong possibility of Interest Rates increasing over the coming months and years as the economy rebounds. A 10 Year Fixed Rate option is a Great Alternative to the Basic 5 Year Fixed Rate Option.
The 10 Year Fixed Commercial Loan locks in the Rate for 10 years vs. 5 Years and allows the Commercial Owner to have a Low Rate Loan at today’s interest rates for the next 10 years.
Most Commercial Owners don’t even realize 10 Year Fixed Rates exist. They are available but very few banks and lenders offer them today.
Our Commercial Lending experts here at Niche-Loans have business relationships with several Conventional Banks and Lenders which offer 10 Year Fixed Rate Loans for all Commercial Property Types Nationwide.

How do I apply for a 10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan?

Give us a call today to lock in that 10 Year Fixed Rate Loan at Today’s Low-Interest Rates on your Refinances and Commercial Property Purchases. We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you.
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