SBA 7A Loans

SBA 7A loans are available though our Correspondent SBA Lenders and Banking sources for Refinances and Purchases of Owner Occupied Commercial Properties. Cash out can be used for working capital, improvements, expansion, etc. 

Very Competitively Priced and Fixed Rate Terms are available. Up to $5,000,000 Loan Amounts, minimum loan amounts starts at $1,000,000. Credit Score requirements vary by deal. Up to 90% on purchases and 85% on refinances. 

Our SBA 7A Loans through our Correspondent SBA Lenders and Banking sources can be used for the purchase of an existing business as well, along as there is Real Estate Collateral involved in the deal. 
All Real Estate accepted by SBA including Land as long as the Real Estate is tied to the Business. If the Real Estate the borrower owns or purchasing the borrowers business must occupy 51% of the property if there are other tenants there leasing the other portion of the building. 
For any Business Purchases with Real Estate borrowers must have experience in the business they are purchasing. Borrowers may use existing properties they own for real estate collateral on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call regarding your SBA 7A Loan Scenario. We are very experienced in SBA 7A Loans. 

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